Ozone depletion is on the decline, according to NASA, which has announced that scientists have demonstrated a particular aspect of this via a satellite instrument for the first time.

According to the instrument, which was made by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, chlorine atom levels are decreasing and with that comes a decrease in their destruction of the ozone layer.

The favorable change is the direct result of international bans on chlorofluorocarbons, NASA says.

Chlorofluorocarbons, more commonly referred to as CFCs, is a type of chemical produced by humans that has a harmful effect on the ozone layer.

An international ban on CFCs is aimed at protecting the ozone layer, and this new data proves that it is working.

In a recent release, NASA explained that the Antarctic winter has seen a 20-percent decrease in ozone depletion versus what was observed in 2005.

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