Belkin is taking the wraps off its 2018 slate of products, and between the fast-charging USB-C chargers and no less than four different wireless charging pads, it feels like the company’s new gear is tailor-made for Apple’s newest phones.

Now that Apple has finally gone and embraced things like wireless and fast-charging in the iPhone X and iPhone 8, we’re starting to see a whole new wave of accessories out there that support those features.

Sure, things like wireless chargers have existed for years, but Apple’s implementation of the platform means that there’s a whole new market for these kinds of devices.

On the wireless charging front, Belkin is releasing four new Qi enabled pads under its BoostUp brand, along with what the company is referring to as the BoostUp Wireless Charging System for commercial implementations of wireless chargers in public spaces, restaurants, and hotels.

Belkin is going all in with basically every form factor imaginable for a wireless charger with its 2018 lineup:

There’s the BoostUp Bold, which looks like an updated version of Belkin’s existing BoostUp wireless charger, cutting down on the overall size of the pad and adding some new colors.

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