It might be difficult for us to move away from the tried-and-tested postcode or Zip codes as a means of pinpointing a location or navigating to a particular address, but what3words has proven that its unique three-word system is far more accurate.

Founded some five years ago but launched in earnest in 2016, the unique geocoding system splits planet earth into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, with each square allocated a fixed and unique three-word address.

It is claimed that 75 per cent of the world suffers from inconsistent, complicated or inadequate addressing systems, yet what3words allows extremely accurate geocoding services that everyone can use via the firm's simple app.

Now, the innovative system can be applied to imagery thanks to a simple new piece of software for iOS and Android devices.

3WordPhoto is a self-contained application that requires access to the user's camera and/or photo library.

Keen snappers then shoot an image and the software uses built-in GPS location technology to conjure up the unique three-word address.

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