ASUS brought a ton of products to CES 2018, but to PC gamers, one of the coolest is probably the ROG Strix GL 12.

In a world packed with pre-built gaming PCs, manufacturers have the task of figuring out how to make their product stand out from the rest.

ASUS hopes that it’s found the winning formula, which is a combination of hand-picked hardware and lights.

Lots and lots of lights.

The top-of-the-line configuration for the ROG Strix GL 12 comes packing an 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8700K which, when used with ROG Turbo Gear, is capable of reaching clock speeds of 4.8GHz.

That bit about “hand-picked hardware” earlier refers to ASUS’s claim that each Strix GL 12 processor has been “tested and handpicked by ROG engineers to ensure the very best performance.”

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