Last year’s CES marked a slight expansion of the OLED TV market; Sony debuted its first large-screen consumer 4K set to utilize the display technology.

OLED in the living room has long been a signature of LG, and while LG Display manufactures the panels that Sony puts in its OLEDs, Sony handles the actual image processing.

Not only did Sony make a big switch to the pristine, colorful picture that OLED delivers, but the company’s A1E introduced a very cool feature called Acoustic Surface.

Unlike the traditional, mediocre side or bottom speakers usually found on a TV, Sony’s Acoustic Surface makes it seem as though audio emanates from specific areas of the screen — such as the mouths of people speaking.

2018 is Sony’s second time around with OLED, and the just-announced A8F series pulls back on design a bit to offer something the company says “a little more traditional TV design.” It will come in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes.

The most immediate change is that Sony has removed the flashy, pull-out stand around back in favor of a regular slab of metal that holds the A8F upright.

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