Lawmakers are determined to bury any dreams that Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei has ever had of gaining traction in the US.

After pressuring AT to kill a major deal with the company this week, members of Congress are now moving forward with a bill that would ban the federal government from working with contractors that use any equipment from Huawei or ZTE.

For the last year, Shenzen-based Huawei has been in talks with AT to carry its smartphones.

According to Counterpoint research, the company surpassed Apple as the world’s second largest smartphone brand last year, but its sales in the US are comparatively dismal.

The primary reason is that none of the top four wireless providers in the US carry Huawei’s phones.

That was all going to change when the company was set to take the stage at CES, announce its new partnership with AT, present Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman as its new brand ambassador, and make a huge splash.

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