Google’s Gboard keyboard for iOS and Android packs a bunch of useful features, but it’s not flexible enough to get me to switch from SwiftKey.

However, it looks like the company is working on adding a ‘Smart Reply’ feature to the keyboard, and if it happens, it’ll probably do the trick and convert me.

Smart Reply is already available in certain Google apps, like Inbox, Gmail, and Allo.

Now, 9to5Google has spotted code that details the inclusion of this feature in an upcoming version of Gboard for Android, which leads us to believe that, based on the contents of your screen, it’ll suggest contextually relevant phrases that you can use to reply with, just by tapping once instead of having to type.

Since it’s still sorta in the works, we can’t yet see what the feature will look in Gboard.

But for reference, here’s how Smart Reply works in Gmail:

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