The same day as the announcement, Nominet Trust's chair of trustees Natalie Campbell formally resigned as did two of its directors, Nora Nanayakkara – a former Nominet board member – and Jemima Rellie.

Nominet is the sole funder of its namesake trust and has given it £44m since 2008, with most of that spent on good causes and wholesome projects related to technology.

The withdrawal from its own trust is just the latest in an escalating number of concerns over how the .uk overlord is being managed.

As the government-designed operator of the UK's internet registry – one of the largest in the world with more than ten million domain names – Nominet benefits from stable annual revenue of £30m.

The organization was set up as a non-profit, public-interest member-focused organization, however, under its previous CEO, Lesley Cowley, that structure was slowly changed to give the board more power over the outfit and its funds, resulting in a decade-long fight between members and management.

A year later, members started asking questions about contracts that Nominet had signed to run dozens of new domain registries.

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