Since last decade, the trend of online business has reached at its peak. People had finally accepted the online business with open hands. The only reason behind the huge success of the online business is their user-friendly environment and also the great discounts and fantastic deals on their website which attracts their customer the most. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Groupon are some the famous websites which are popular in the category of online business. Today, instead of visiting the local market to buy stuff, people are addicted to check the deals available on that particular product online. But, to develop the website like Groupon from scratch is not that much easy as it seems. It requires a lot of time, money and manpower as well, which nowadays is not affordable. So to resolve this problem, Groupon Clone script plays an important role to build a website like Groupon.

Groupon Clone script is easily available, and they are easy to operate as well. The owner of the website just needs to give a detailed description on the layout of his website and some distinctive feature he needs to add on his website. This script has all the features which Groupon website has and it saves a lot of time and energy to build a website like Groupon.

Let’s discuss Seven Most Important Advantages of Groupon Clone Script:

1. User-Friendly Dashboard:

Any new user visit to your daily deal website, he won’t be requiring any user guide manual to operate the website as they can easily identify the areas that are self-explanatory. Over and above, every segment of the website is developed in such a way that user will easily be guided by the content and content description on the website.

2. Login to Website through Social Media:

For quick access to your Daily Deals Website, users are provided with a prompt login; wherein they can log in through detailed social media accounts like facebook or google plus. Besides, one can also gain a majority of the customers from social media by sharing ads of your website on social media, the chance to get a storm of the customer is very high. This way you can update your customers with recent deals and updates on your website.

3. Coupons and Gift Vouchers:

Besides with deals and discounts, a site built using this script; lets you facilitate your customers with various coupons and gift vouchers to shop on their website. This coupons and gift vouchers are extremely helpful to attract new customers to your platform.

4. Updates on Deals:

In Groupon Clone script, any merchant or website owner can update their customers with various deals and discounts available on their website. This helps the website owner to gain more customers. A user also gets daily notification regarding new deals updated on the website on their cell phones and personal computers as well.

5.Shopping Cart to purchase Multiple deals:

There are some circumstances where the user is in need to buy more than one products from your website. Keeping this need in mind, Groupon Clone script comes with an amazing feature ‘add to cart’ which helps them to crack the deals on multiple items.

6. Easy Return Policy:

Occasionally, it may happen that customer won’t be satisfied with the final product they have received. This might happen because the product delivered might be defective or it can also happen where the user won’t get the product he ordered so in with this Daily Deals platform, the customer is backed with ‘Easy Return Policy’ where he can return his order with filling some of the credentials.

7. Secured Payment Option:

Once a customer purchases or locks the deals from your website, they can make the payment to your website with the help of PayPal. This Daily Deal script comes bundled with predefined payment gateway PayPal for seamless and secure transactions.

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All in all, Groupon Clone script helps startups and first-time entrepreneurs to create their own identity in this competitive world. If any startup or any firm is planning to start their own e-commerce website, they can contact us at [email protected]. We will assist you with all the help you crave to develop their own e-commerce website.