Connected home software startup Stratis announced a new partnership with Honeywell that will see it use the manufacturer’s thermostats as part of its apartment-management platform.

BI Intelligence spoke with Stratis CEO Felicite Moorman about how this new agreement will impact the company's future, as well as its wider strategy of treating the connected home as a business-to-business (B2B) space, rather than taking the more common business-to-consumer (B2C) approach.

Stratis is also integrated with lease management platforms including RealPage and Yardi to make it easier to transfer and revoke control of devices from tenants.

The company’s solutions are ideal for high turnover properties like college dormitories, where students change units regularly and can often lose keys or neglect to adjust the thermostat when they go away long term.

By installing connected thermostats, property managers at colleges can make sure that heating units are kept at maintenance temperatures during winter break, for instance, so that energy costs are minimized, but there’s no risk of pipes bursting.

And smart locks can let maintenance staff enter units easily should the need arise without requiring dozens of keys or an insecure master.

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