Perform 2018 gave Dynatrace the chance to showcase its newest capabilities and it did not disappoint, but what are the best bits to take from Vegas this year?

At the annual Perform conference in Las Vegas, Dynatrace created quite a storm outperforming itself with the number of announcements, capabilities and future visions.

From announcing four new capabilities, homing hundreds of case studies from around the world and demonstrating how the impossible is actually possible it’s hard to pick just a few things you should not forget from Dynatrace Perform 2018.

Focusing on the customers and software perfection, Dynatrace truly keeps these at the core to everything they do.

Giving customers one holistic view of their operations, systems, processes and applications not only saves time but drives cost savings significantly.

The platform is designed to create a single agent for the customer, so that when deploying AI to solve an error it is resolved much quicker with much more clarity.

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