Orange has decided to deploy some Cisco orchestration tech and Cisco wants you to know all about it.

The announcement was made at the Cisco Live corporate fest in Barcelona, presumably intended as a dress rehearsal for Mobile World Congress later this month.

‘Join us in Barcelona to transform your outlook, your career, and your potential with 5 days of education, networking, and fun!’ says the CLEUR landing page.

Luckily for those of us unable to attend Cisco is sharing some of the top news to come from the event with the telecoms trade press and so far this seems to be the biggie.

Orange, being the forward-thinking operator it is, realised it needed to get with the programmability if it’s going to stay ahead of the game in the 5G era, which is where Cisco comes in.

‘Orange knew they could reduce CapEx and OpEx by implementing new architectures on platforms ready for mass-scale networking, and automating a large number of tasks and operations,’ explains the release.

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