Many foresaw the PyeongChang Winter Olympics being a prime target for cyberattacks, now a very successful one has been revealed.

Many foresaw the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea being a major cyberattack target, now officials have confirmed an attack that took the official website offline.

It has been reported that the attack happened very early in the course of the games, debilitating the website shortly before the opening ceremony.

The attack also impacted internet and TV systems, normal service was re-established after twelve hours.

In light of the tumultuous geo-political landscape that North and South Korea are at the centre of, the Winter Olympics have long been considered a prime target for threat actors pushing an array of agendas.

Peter Carlisle, VP EMEA, Thales eSecurity: “Global gatherings such as the Olympics that see world leaders, businesses and governmental organisations converge on one location are a naturally attractive target for digital criminal activity.

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