Apple’s HomePod sounds great today, and with its upcoming AirPlay 2 update it’ll gain multi-room support too, but there’s a workaround if you can’t wait for the official upgrade.

While the Siri-powered speaker is being viewed as a direct Sonos rival, being able to link multiple speakers together and play the same music simultaneously is still a big advantage in Sonos’ corner.

Apple will, eventually, shave away at that advantage.

When AirPlay 2 arrives it’ll not only add multi-room playback, but allow you to pair two HomePod speakers together so that each handles a stereo channel.

For that we’ll have to be patient until an unspecified point in 2018, but a third-party app allows something similar until then.

It’s called Airfoil, and it’s the handiwork of developer Rogue Amoeba.

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