Arguably her breakthrough role, a whole generation of young people were glued to their screens in the late 1970s, as Joanna kicked ass as her ‘New Avengers’ alter-ego, Purdey.

‘The New Avengers’ ran for two series, during which time Joanna (as Purdey) helped combat giant mutated rats and even took on fanatical Nazis after discovering their secret on a day of scuba diving.

But of course, it’s as the legendary Patsy Stone in ‘Ab Fab’ that will be forever remembered as Joanna Lumley’s most famous role.

As the chain-smoking, perma-boozing, “42”-year-old former model, her performance alongside Jennifer Saunders’ Eddy Monsoon has gone down in British comedy history, and become a cult classic outside the UK too.

But while she’s best known for her fun and comedic performances, in 2005 she served up something a little different, starring in the drama, ‘Sensitive Skin’, where she played a mature woman struggling with dissatisfaction over her lot in life.

Her work for the Gurkhas

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