Big Red also lowered the price of its existing unlimited prepaid plan and introduced Travel Pass for prepaid customers.

The new 500MB plan and discounted unlimited plan are available starting February 20.

Verizon announced changes to its prepaid line-up that include a new prepaid plan, a price cut to an existing one, and an option for folks who like to travel.

First up is the new prepaid plan that includes 500MB of data for $30 each month.

The plan joins the existing 3 GB for $40, 7 GB for $50, 10 GB for $60, and unlimited data for $75 options.

Each Verizon prepaid plan, including the new 500MB plan, includes unlimited talk and text in the US, the ability to carry over unused data from one month to the next, mobile hotspot, and unlimited texting to over 200 countries.

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