David Attenborough is once again set to bang on about penguins and lions for the BBC, suggesting that he thinks people haven't been paying attention to anything he's said for the last 60 years or so and needs to do it all again.

Perhaps shouting this time or in VR.

The latest landmark BBC wildlife production is currently being assembled under the working title of Dynasty, seeing as each episode follows the lives of one particular group of animals with a focus on whichever beast is the dominant member of it's local pack, family or community.

The BBC says we can expect to hear about lions, chimps, tigers, hunting dogs and yet more banging on about the lives of emperor penguins, as if every man, woman and child in this country hasn't already spent at least 100 hours being told about what emperor penguins do and what their poo smells like by the BBC.

As with environmentally aware barnstormers Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, there's going to be more than a passing nod in this series to mankind's anthropocene hand in making life extra hard for these species, with BBC specialist commissioner Tom McDonald saying: "I'm thrilled that Sir David will be bringing his extraordinary storytelling to this incredibly ambitious, landmark project -- a gripping portrait of our planet at a tipping point for the animals, their habitats and our world."

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