A handwritten job application written by Jobs in his pre-Apple days shows an early ambition to break into the high-tech industry

A 1973 job application handwritten by a teenaged Steve Jobs, and rife with mistakes, is expected to fetch at least $55,000 (£39,000) when it goes to auction next month.

The one-page application, filled out in what appears to be blue ball-point pen, was written at a time when Jobs was living at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, after dropping out of the university and before he went on to create one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Jobs has said he was auditing courses in areas such as literature, dance and calligraphy, but the application shows an early interest in breaking into the high-tech industry.

Under “Skills”, next to “Computer” and “Calculator”, he writes “yes (design, tech)”.

And next to “Special Abilities” and “Interests”, he writes “electronics tech or design engineer.

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