Simple, flexible, and innovative! Our social multi vendor ecommerce script is designed to make it easy for people to become entrepreneurs. Sharing can not only be fun; it can also reward you, especially when you share through Fantacy. Fantacy allows credit systems for buyers and allows them to enjoy the fun of sharing product information with friends, by allowing them to make money out of it.

This Fancy clone script is a wonderful ecommerce solution for creating a unique site that exhibits vintage products. Users can categorically search the product photos, add them to their collection which might be later purchased. The Fancy clone script allows to construct a site that provides flexible shopping. User can browse the web page and make the recording of his/her products making this easier for buying as well as selling. The fancy clone script gives a unique e-commerce channel which favors the users possessing trendy shopping. The user can have a look at site
and pin photographs to sell/buy the product from all around the globe. The user can register when using website and browse the products.

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