A demo version of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life released for the PlayStation 4 yesterday surprisingly included access to the entire game for many players, well before its official release outside of Japan.

Sega has taken down the demo temporarily as it works to correct the issue.

The 30GB demo download for Yakuza 6 contained the data needed for the entire game, an apparent effort to let demo players easily and eventually upgrade to a full purchase without losing their early progress.

But many demo players quickly discovered they could advance in the demo much farther than the intended Chapter 1 limit found in an earlier Japanese demo; players could even earn PSN trophies for their progress.

That's despite the fact that Yakuza 6 isn't set to launch outside of Japan until April 17, following a recent delay.

Publisher Sega took the flawed demo down from the PlayStation Store in North America and EMEA markets within hours of the initial reports, and the company apologized on Twitter for the inconvenience.

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