A robust content marketing campaign may attract shoppers searching on long-tail keyword phrases, which could generate additional sales.

The term “long tail” describes statistical distributions where there are many points, if you will, far from the peak or central part of a curve.

Many more folks, for example, search for the phrase “Running Shoes” than for “Nike Running Shoes.” Similarly, more people search for “Nike Running Shoes” than for “Nike Free RN Running Shoes for Men.” The more specific a search, the further down the long tail it is.

Anderson suggested that businesses, such as online retailers, could become very successful online by focusing on the long tail, or, put another way, by offering relatively hard-to-find products.

Since the release of his first long-tail article, there have been many studies and reports that supported Anderson’s supposition.

By offering hard-to-find books, Amazon drove many sales in spite of the fact that relatively few people might look for a specific title.

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