While the world tries to decide whether artificial intelligence is here to help us or hurt us, AI is quietly infiltrating our daily lives — from streaming recommendations to image recognition.

And in health technology, AI is making a real difference to people across the world, saving lives in a multitude of ways.

Today Sweetch — a mobile health app that helps prevent diabetes and improve outcomes for people with diabetes by encouraging long-term behavioral change — has revealed the outcomes of its clinical trial conducted at Johns Hopkins University.

Directed by the university’s division of endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism, the study shows that using Sweetch significantly lowered A1C levels — a diabetes biomarker for blood sugar.

“Sweetch is a fully automated, artificial intelligence-based personal digital intervention program that helps individuals lose weight and become more active, with the goal of reducing their long-term risk of diabetes and other metabolic syndrome-related diseases,” Dana Chanan, CEO and cofounder at Sweetch, told me.

Therefore, generic recommendations to walk 10,000 steps or be active for 30 minutes a day and eat fewer carbohydrates may not produce sustainable and meaningful behavioral change for all individuals, especially in the long run.”

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