Sony won't allow a controversial game about seducing women on the PlayStation 4's online marketplace, the company said this week.

Super Seducer, which launched on PC and Mac via Steam on Monday, was planned for a PS4 release according to press materials from last month.

But Sony said in a statement to the BBC that the game "will not be made available" on the platform.

While the outlet additionally reported that it was Sony's decision to block the game, the reasoning behind the decision is unclear (a Sony representative was not immediately available to comment to Ars Technica)

As the title suggests, Super Seducer is built around "world-renowned dating coach Richard La Ruina," who "teaches players the secret psychological tricks of attraction experts, accumulated from over 20 years of live workshops," according to a press release.

Players in the game select from multiple choice options on how to respond to live-action video depicting attempts to pick up women, with La Ruina explaining the "right" and "wrong" way to go about things.

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