No doubt about it, the Apple iPod is easily the coolest audio product of the twenty-first century.

Introduced in late 2001 it wasn't the first portable digital music player, there were portable CD players like the Sony Discman in 1984, and they were definitely cool.

Then Steve Jobs put his special spin on the iPod, "To have your whole CD library with you at all times is a quantum leap when it comes to music."

It wasn't hyperbole, the iPod, Classic, Mini, Nano, Shuffle, and Touch really did change the way we listened to music.

Just as iPods were losing some of their luster Beats by Dre turned the related headphone market upside down in 2008.

Beats may have been sold more as a fashion statement than for their sound, but in Beats wake came countless upstart headphone makers taking full advantage of the coolness Beats brought to the category.

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