Unloved by customers, and less and less loved by retailers

Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality technology hit the shelves five months ago and the signs aren't good: dropped by retailers and ignored by developers, Redmond could be facing another Windows Mobile moment.

Unveiled in October 2016 and making it to market a year later, early reviews of the devices were so-so, with little to differentiate the machines from competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella had named mixed reality as one of three areas he wanted to focus on in the future (the other two being AI and quantum computing).

But the "mixing" of reality afforded by the headset cameras has yet to make much impact outside of tech demos.

Shortly after launch, the addition of support for the SteamVR store gave access to a ready-made library of Virtual Reality (VR) games already developed for the Oculus and HTC idiot visors.

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