Nowadays, people want to access everything just at their fingertips. They don’t want to waste time in surfing for the same things again and again. This problem was solved by the Social Bookmarking Platform that allow the users to pin, bookmark and index the information that they want to refer in the future. They can save their time of surfing the whole content again. Reddit Clone Script has gained huge popularity in the recent times as it is very feasible for the visitors to use this website for their convenience.

Let us now see the top 5 secret techniques that you can apply for improving your Reddit Clone:

1. Mixing efficiency with technology:

Making optimum use of technology is really important when you are a budding entrepreneur. Finding softwares online that can be useful to you will give you a huge variety of programs to support every phase of your business that includes even the marketing campaigns. These programs can benefit every level of your social bookmarking business:

  • Customer relationship management softwares
  • Social media Ads marketing tools

2. Design a user friendly website:

This is obvious that you should make sure that your website is designed for easy use on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. If the website visitors are not able to navigate properly on your website, they will not wait for the problem to solve. Instead they leave your website and this gives a negative impression of your business on the minds of the visitors. Your Social Bookmarking Website should be easy to navigate and it should showcase the information asked by the viewers within second to give them a fast user experience

3. Let your users know you properly:

Adding an identity will ensure that you are a trustworthy Social Bookmarking Platform that offers qualitative services. Add a name and your location address to your Reddit Script platform to ensure the faith of your users on you.

You can converse with your users on your site and make them wanted by talking and solving their problems if they face any. They should feel it very easy to bookmark and again find the information that they need for future references.

4. Offer your knowledge and expertise:

Building long term relationships with your users is the best thing that can benefit your business. This happens not only through best services, but even through offering the experiences, knowledge and expertise you have with your customers when they are searching for any content. Through this, you can spread a positive word about your Social Bookmarking Software in the market.

5. Optimizing your site for easy search engine results:

As a business, you of course want to drive in more traffic to your website. You have to design a website  that is fully loaded with keywords that bring high rankings to your Reddit Clone Script when the users search for any information on the web.

The search engines assist the people to find the information as per their needs.

Here this search engine optimization site that is rich in keywords helps a lot.

One such Reddit Script that is built with all these 5 secret techniques is StoryFeedit, by ClonesCloud that is one of the best Reddit Clone Script and is the perfect solution for your Social Bookmarking Website business. Just get in touch with us at