For years, it seemed didn’t really embrace the game developers who flocked to the iPhone and filled the App Store with games that consumers downloaded by the billions.

In 2017, games made up a larger share of Google Play’s consumer spending compared to iOS, but consumers spent nearly two times more on iOS games than on Google Play games, according to a year-end report by market researcher App Annie.

Games represented nearly 80 percent of total worldwide consumer spending for the combined iOS and Google Play app stores in 2017, but games only accounted for 35 percent of total worldwide downloads.

All together it’s created some fertile ground to take advantage of, and they’re doing a great job.

It seems like as far as the superficial analysis, it’s a no-brainer to make games for Android and iOS at the same time, so you reach a bigger market.

We’ve heard that from developers in all categories, and certainly games.

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