By Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President, Global Industries, Platforms, and Blockchain for IBM

In recent weeks, the chorus of crypto naysayers, led by analysts, banks, regulators, and governments, has grown louder.

Digital currencies are just the first application of blockchain to go mainstream.

Blockchain networks can record and manage any transferable digital asset representing goods or information — whether a share of stock, a streamed song, your healthcare records, or an international cargo shipment — as our work with clients has shown.

While the blockchain technology used to power new cryptos may not be as sexy as the digital tokens that seem to triple in value in the blink of an eye, blockchain is serving as the backbone to explore dynamic new business models far beyond finance, from healthcare and food safety to government and global trade.

Each node on the network has an exact copy of the record, making it near impossible for anyone to tamper with or change it.

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