BOZEMAN -- Montana State University's TechLink Center has landed a $500,000 contract to continue quality assurance testing on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers software.

TSEAL provides MSU students with real-world experience improving the Sustainment Management System, a software application created by the Corps' Construction Engineering Research Laboratory to improve upkeep of hundreds of thousands of federal facilities by helping managers decide when, where and how to best conduct maintenance.

Senior Elias Athey is one of eight undergraduates currently employed part-time by TSEAL, where he writes code to test the SMS.

Athey, originally from Anchorage, Alaska, said he appreciates the opportunity to work with a student team while learning the latest industry practices.

"Working at TSEAL has been extremely beneficial for my professional development," Athey said, adding that the techniques he has learned give him a leg up in the job market.

The computer science students are guided by professors Clemente Izurieta and John Sheppard from MSU's Gianforte School of Computing in the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering.

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