The new flagship convertible packs in many of the features you'd expect of a 2018 ultrabook—a design with premium materials, an 8th-gen Intel processor, integrated graphics, and biometric security—along with a few classic Samsung creations like the company's S Pen stylus.

I didn't drop the convertible while using it, but it did withstand some bumps and dings caused by haphazard handling.

I love that Samsung has included it in a number of devices since the Note smartphones, but this particular S Pen hasn't been properly adapted for use with a 13.3-inch convertible.

The button brings up Air Command, Samsung's quick-access menu for pen-related apps and programs, making it easy to access things like new notes, existing notes, and the Smart Selection tool no matter what you're doing on the convertible.

Air Command hasn't changed too much since we reviewed the Tab S3, but the Smart Selection tool has a cool new gif feature that will keep Internet nerds entertained.

There are 13 Samsung-branded programs pre-installed on the Notebook 9 Pen, and you'll likely glaze over half of them as you scan the Windows app drawer.

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