Being a portable system, the Nintendo Switch has no lack of accessories.

The problem with Nintendo’s first-party offerings is that they can be expensive, prohibitively so for some people who own a Switch.

With that in mind, some owners have been turning to third-party accessories to save some cash, but when it comes to picking up a new USB-C cable for your console, Nintendo wants you to give what you’re buying a little extra consideration.

Today, Nintendo of Japan updated its online FAQ about the Switch, and one of the new entries lays down some recommendations for purchasing additional USB-C cables.

Nintendo says that USB-C cables you buy to charge the Switch should have 56kΩ resistors in them.

This gives users some wiggle room when it comes to deciding which USB-C cables to buy, as the requirement of 56kΩ resistors doesn’t necessarily limit you to first-party accessories.

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