I know it may sound impossible after this deeply troubled second-half of season eight, but The Walking Dead pulled off an episode that had no major issues and was pretty compelling because it actually advanced a lot of storylines while also setting up some major stakes for the season finale.

“Worth” is primarily about resolving the myriad plotlines going on with Negan and the Saviours, all of which end pretty much exactly like we all expected.

Having disobeyed Negan’s orders once, then abandoning his leader after Rick’s attack, and then having disobeyed Negan’s orders again by trying to assault Hilltop (which also ended up a total disaster unto itself), Simon apologises in a calm, straightforward manner, as if by acting as if his betrayals and failures aren’t executable offences, he may convince Negan, too.

Surprisingly, Negan doesn’t immediately bludgeon his right-hand man to death.

Next up: Dwight, whose betrayal Negan handles with even more theatricality.

Negan leads Dwight back to his room, where the mysterious person he picked up on the side of the road last episode is sitting: the woman Dwight accidentally let get away when he started killing Saviours during their attack on Alexandria.

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