As of this latest discovery, the ichthyosaur is the largest marine reptile ever discovered.

They’ve identified the ancient piece of this creature as part of ichthyosauria, an order which lasted from the Early Triassic until the Late Cretaceous periods here on our Earth.

“The largest ichthyosaurs of the Late Triassic were the shastasaurids (Family Shastasauridae), which ranged in size from about 6 m to more than 20 m,” wrote researcher Dean R. Lomax (et al).

“[Shonisaurus sikanniensis] is the largest ichthyosaur previously known, with an estimated total length of 21 m.”

The set of itchthyosaurs above are as follows: Stenopterygius, Californosaurus, Utatsusaurus, Mixosaurus, Chaohusaurus, Ophthalmosaurus, Cymbospondylus, and Shonisaurus.

The newest ichthyosaur is estimated to have been between 20 and 26 meters (that’s between 66 and 85 feet long).

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