In 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives passed resolution H.Res.

1055 to make the second week of April officially National Robotics Week.

Now celebrating its eighth year, National Robotics Week is more national and more robotics-y than ever, with hundreds of events taking place all over the country.

We know that most of you live robotics every single day anyway (as you should), and so National Robotics Week might not seem like it’s worth celebrating, but what about your friends and family who have no idea how cool robots are, and who maybe have no idea what it is that you actually, you know, do?

Fundamentally, NRW is all about celebrating how cool robotics is, and getting as many people involved as possible—think about finding an event near you that looks like fun, and then dragging someone along who doesn’t (yet) understand why robotics is the best thing ever.

They’ll either thank you for it, or think you’re crazy, but it’s a win either way, right?

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