"When San Francisco Burned" by Douglas L. Gist

Louis P. Selby was working in his family's confectionery shop on Market Street when the greatest natural disaster that ever hit San Francisco, the 1906 earthquake, shook the city to its core.

Selby grabbed a camera, and with his brothers in tow, took to the streets to document the devastation in the days after the event.

For 110 years, those images remained in a leather-bound album kept in Selby and his wife's Bay Area home.

In March, Selby's grandson, Doug Gist, unearthed the photos and published them in a book, "When San Francisco Burned: A Photographic Memoir of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906."

The tremors broke the city's water mains, making it nearly impossible for firefighters to quell the blaze.

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