Getting the best all-in-one printer that can handle photocopying, scanning and faxing as well can save you both time and space, making them an excellent choice for many small and medium sized businesses - and even home users.

Not having to buy three or four different devices for each individual task is very convenient, and these days the quality of all-in-one printers means you don't have to worry about them being jack of all trades.

That means you'll still get excellent print, scan and fax quality, and our list of the best all-in-one printers will make sure you get the perfect device for your needs.

Print speed: 33 pages per minute | Scan resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi | Features: Print, copy, scan | Dimensions: 489 x 300 x 169 | Weight: 4.7kg

Limited features compared to some

The Epson Ecotank ET-3600 is our top choice for an all-in-one printer as it can handle printing, scanning and copying with ease, and it's also very reasonably priced.

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