F is a strongly typed, functional-first programming language that lets you solve complex problems by writing simple code.

Based on ML and built on the .NET Framework, F offers good interoperability, portability, and run-time speed, as well as the “Five Cs”—conciseness, convenience, correctness, concurrency, and completeness.

F was initially available only on Windows, as a Microsoft Research project, but it’s now a first-class language on a number of platforms.

You can use F on the Mac and Linux with tool support in Xamarin Studio, MonoDevelop, Emacs, and others; on Windows with Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, and Emacs; and on Android and iOS devices and on the Web using HTML5.

In addition to general purpose programming, F is applicable to GPU code, big data, games, and much more.

Let me give you 14 reasons.

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