Flipboard is expanding its editorial coverage of technology to include a broader selection of curated articles and product recommendations, the company said, which represents a modest step into e-commerce for the news-reading app.

Starting today, people who follow “tech” on Flipboard will see recommended stories, videos, books, podcasts, and other products from publishers, generating money for both from affiliate links.

The new tech section, which Flipboard says could serve as a model for expanded coverage of other topics, will be available inside Flipboard’s mobile apps, on the web, and through a new daily newsletter.

“It’s not just about the top stories — it’s really about getting a multidimensional look at the industry you work in,” says Mike McCue, Flipboard’s co-founder and CEO.

Six in 10 Flipboard users read tech stories, he says, a number that reaches into the “millions.”

The tech section will also include packages of stories put together by Flipboard’s publishing partners, including The Verge, which offers a selection of hardware news in a package called Gadget News.

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