As I was roaming the halls of the Food and Hotels Asia exhibition in search of technology used in food preparation, I stumbled upon what is probably the most life-changing (for me at least) cooker: The AutoWok, an automatic fried rice cooking machine.

The AutoWok, made by Japanese firm Itoh Kouki Corporation (IKC), aims to churn out vast quantities of delicious perfectly fried rice to be sold in convenience stores or used in restaurants.

As the name suggests, the machine features an authentic iron Chinese-style wok, but seated on top of a rotating motor to keep the wok spinning.

A custom stir fryer mixes up to 1kg of rice as it cooks, and keeps the rice continuously moving.

The turning mechanism is gentle enough to prevent the rice grain from breaking and the starch leaking out, a process, I'm told, that can lead to "sticky rice," a big no-no.

And impressively enough, there's no gas flame, something considered essential to get that mysterious "wok hei" flavor that gives fried rice the extra punch it needs.

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