While it’s no secret that the television industry is experiencing significant transformation, brands continue to invest in the medium since it’s still seen on Madison Avenue as one of the more effective ways to reach consumers.

That explains why the Upfronts remain one of the more important events on the advertising calendar.

It offers media companies the opportunity to showcase their latest creations, with brands and agencies placing their bets on whether they’re buying inventory for next year’s biggest hits or duds.

With billions of ad dollars set to be spent on next year’s shows, brands are basically banking on the idea that consumers will simply show up to watch a show because it might feature a favorite actor or is a remake of a popular TV series.

They need to layer in additional capabilities like a brick pillar that fills these gaps and gives consumers a reason to tune in.

Data analytics and CRM permit marketers to use data sources to identify audiences permitting targeted advertising, once the sole province of digital marketers.

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