After last week’s exploration of the events immediately following the Westworld host uprising — and a short leap ahead, with untold mysteries sandwiched between — “Reunion” offers some juicy hints at the park’s real purpose, and how it ties into the journeys of both Dolores and the Man in Black.

We open with a familiar exchange of phrases in a very unfamiliar setting, at least for Westworld.

It’s a way-back flashback, with Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and a heard-but-not-seen Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) preparing to dazzle a potential investor with their incredible invention.

Dolores isn’t quite ready to represent the project, at least in Arnold’s fatherly estimation, so Angela (Talulah Riley) is tasked with the job instead.

That important early investor, of course, is Logan (Ben Barnes)—full name Logan Delos—who makes his triumphant return to the show bragging about the $60 million Warhol painting he’s situated on his ceiling, so “you can look at it while you fuck.” But even crass, repulsive Logan knows something astonishing when he sees it, like a room full of robots that are completely, utterly indistinguishable from human beings.

Less convinced, albeit with much deeper pockets: Logan’s father, James Delos (Peter Mullan).

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