Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner discuss the need to regulate large tech companies, the possibility of breaking up Amazon, and the importance of scrutinizing big institutions.

People are even saying that he may be willing to prepare initiatives to break up Amazon, because it's too big, it's too successful, it's too dominant in too many sectors, or for varied other reasons, including the fact that he doesn't like the "Post".

Bezos: For me again, this is one of those things where I focus on and ask our teams to focus on what we can control, and I expect - whether it's the current US administration or any other government agency around the world - Amazon is now a large corporation and I expect us to be scrutinized.

And one thing to note about is that we have gotten big in absolute terms only very recently.

So we've always been growing very fast in percentage terms, but in 2010 just 8 years ago, we had 30,000 employees.

You know in my mind I'm still delivering the packages to the post office myself.

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