In case you haven't been paying attention, the new God of War on PlayStation 4 is the hottest new adventure in gaming.

Really good -- and CNET's gaming crew is obsessed.

Indiana Jones triggers a trap, dodges a big rock and gets on with his adventure -- but Steven Spielberg was so impressed with the quality of the 22 foot fiberglass boulder prop that he expanded the scene into the iconic stunt we know and love today.

"I basically tell the team all the time, 'I want the boulder.'

An early moment in God of War borrowed notes from the vibrating "water cup" in Jurassic Park, and the game's extremely curated previews were designed to limit the kind of story spoilers given away in far too many movie trailers.

Once, he says, James Cameron cut the side of a boat off to make sure he could get a specific shot in the documentary Aliens of The Deep.

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