But there is an intersection with astronomy, the real science behind the Sun, the stars, and what goes on in our night sky.

Astrologers divide the sky into twelve fixed segments and named the zodiac signs after 12 of these 13 constellations.

It’s worth noting that the constellations don’t perfectly align with those segments, the signs.

It’s the lightest galaxy discovered, reports Space.com—just a thousand stars seemingly held together by a little bit of dark matter.

If you’re not much of a conformist, then you can also get excited about NGC 520, a pair of colliding galaxies 100 million light years away, or the Pisces dwarf galaxies, neighbours to our own Milky Way.

It’s a very old collection of gravitationally-bound star that formed back when the Milky Way was very young, and it’s almost like a miniature galaxy in itself.

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