According to a recent survey by, 3.5 million of us in the UK identify as vegan, including myself.

People lead a vegan life for a number of reasons including objection to killing animals, exploiting them for human gain, environmental concerns surrounding eating animal products, or the potential health benefits.

I can’t really remember exactly when I made the switch from being an/off vegetarian for many years to veganism, but it was sometime in 2017 after a drunken conversation in a pub, and it has been great.

A plant-based diet has meant that I have had to be more inventive in my cooking; I’ve been forced to try different foods and I have felt less sluggish and dozy.

It’s not been all plain sailing, eating out can be a bit annoying and my parents still baulk at the thought of soy milk, but other than that, I have absolutely no complaint.

I don’t have any particular objection to people eating meat or using animal products personally, I just know that for me being vegan has been a very positive choice in my life.

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