Along with Jeremy Corbyn, the Scottish Tory leader was one of the few big winners in the botched snap election last year, driving her party to its biggest total of MPs in years norther of the border – at exactly the same time as May failed to connect with English voters.

We don’t get to win if we start hectoring the people we need to vote for us.

Ken Livingstone’s resignation from Labour last night certainly looks like the end of his formal links to the party he joined 50 years ago.

In a statement, he finally apologised to the Jewish community for his remarks about Hitler and Zionism, saying he was “truly sorry” thathis words had “caused offence and upset”.

Labour’s NEC meets today and it will be interesting to see if anyone marks his political passing.

On a practical level, it allows him to resume campaigning on issues like climate change, from outside the party.

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