Opening a franchise needs a substantial investment of capital which includes a hefty franchise fee along with continuing payments and marketing expenses. Every individual does not have access to that kind of cash says, Sean Michael Malatesta.

Are you looking to invest in a franchise? If yes, then you are at right place. Actually, finding the corporate loan to fund your franchise asset is challenging as you have to navigate the numerous options available. In this article, you will get the information how you can finance the purchase for a new franchise.

Let’s have a look:

  • Franchisor financing:

If you want to invest in a franchise, your conversation should be direct with the franchisors. You should ask them for recommendations. Actually, they can have the contract with lenders in order to approve a loan. In fact, they can also help in shortening the process and help you open sooner.

Also, some franchisors will endow debt financing themselves. You can check this in the franchise disclosure document. Ask the franchisor if they can help in financing. Lessening the upfront cost will leave you more dough to keep your franchise profitable and developing.

  • SBA loans:

Another option to consider while financing a franchise is Small Business Administration’s Loan program. These loans follow the similar model to old-style term loans from a bank or alternate lender.

SBA has reduced the risk to lenders by assuring a portion of the loan amount with lower interest rates and longer repayment terms. Hence, if you have a good credit score to apply for the loan, then you should certainly apply for the loan. However, keep in mind that prerequisite standards can be strict as well as the application process is long.

  • Commercial bank loans:

One more way to finance the purchase of your franchise is to apply for traditional term loan from a bank. Under this model, a bank or lender provide your lump sum of cash up front which you have to repay in monthly instalments over a specific period of time emphasis Sean Michael Malatesta.

While applying for the commercial loan to buy a franchise, the lender will review your corporate plan and credit history. Actually, the lender uses these documents to evaluate your creditworthiness. You can assume that the stronger your credit history, better the terms and interest rate for your term loan to finance a franchise.

  • Crowdfunding:

If no franchise financing option is available then obtaining finance may require some creativity. One of the latest and creative ways of financing franchise is through crowdfunding.

You have to set up and promote your own crowdfunding page. Moreover, you can look toward particular organizations that crowdfund for businesses and franchises. There are a lot of websites that crowdfund for specific industries and business types. Crowdfunding is the best option if you have a bad credit history and you are not satisfied with the loan products and interest rates for which you qualify.

Wrapping Up

Sean Michael Malatesta – A corporate leader has given the above franchise financing options to the entrepreneurs. With all these funding options, select a path that is right for you as well as your corporate. Be careful, thorough and resourceful with the funding plan and your franchise investment will definitely flourish.

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