Social content YouTube channel Vitamin Stree, created by Supari Studio, in its series 'Gender Conditioning' explains how patriarchy negatively affects men.

The video titled 'How to be a man?'

talks about how men while growing up are subjected to statements like “be a man", "boys don’t cry", "don’t be a girl” in not just real life but reel (TV, movies, songs etc.)

This coerces them from a very young age to believe that masculinity is more important than being kind and showcasing emotions.

Tara Kapur, head, Vitamin Stree, said: "Vitamin Stree's series 'Scratching The Surface' explores various topics around gender, relationships, beauty, health, and other areas of interest for young men and women.

Our latest video 'How To Be a Man' looks at patriarchy and toxic masculinity and how it impacts men.

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