After five years of delivering forecasts, the weather service Poncho will shut down.

According to Fast Company, Poncho has been sold by its parent company, Betaworks, to Dirty Lemon, a beverage startup that makes expensive detox drinks ($7.50 to $10.83 for a 16-ounce bottle) that are mostly water and lemon juice.

It’s a strange end for Poncho, though it’s kind of a wonder that the service lasted this long.

Poncho launched in 2013 and immediately stood out in two ways: it texted the weather to your phone every morning, and the app pretended that all of its messages were written by a cartoon cat.

The service eventually expanded into apps and chatbots and added other features like alarms, but it was ultimately the core weather-telling service and cuteness that was its main attraction.

Apparently, Poncho didn’t catch on widely enough.

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