Peoples trying to expand their circle of friends and eager to find other likely minded peoples. Evolvement of technology and its access just at fingertips has made this even simpler. Apps developed for the purpose of dating have earned huge popularity among its target audience. In the world of apps for everything, all most everyone would have come across and will be using some dating app to stay connected in trend. Tinder app is one successful dating app in the market. With dating apps having a huge user base, has pushed entrepreneurs to look out for a Tinder clone app to start their online business.

Impact of Tinder app

Tinder is first among all to introduce the swiping app for dating. With an option of unlimited right and left swipes, Tinder app helped its users to find the right match for them. Right swipe on a photo is to like a user and left swipe on a photo to discover next user profile.

With exactly helping their users to find a right match in a simple way, this app has established their brand name in the market. Tinder attracts users to their website not only by this central swipe feature also with features like

  • Instagram integration- Enabled their users to access another user Instagram profile.
  • Common connections- Check for mutual friends for their match in social media account.
  • Tinder gold- Later introduced a premium subscription idea, where a subscribed user can know who all liked them before swiping.

Tinder enclosed all the essential features to support their ideas of business and has created a benchmark for success in the online dating business.

Clone of Tinder app

Evident results of Tinder app ruling the world of online dating business has sparked the entrepreneurs to invest their time and idea to start their own online dating business with clone app of Tinder.

The users will get attracted only upon attractive features. It’s obvious that users will stay, where they are provided to access for more features.

So you have to own a script that has eye-catching UI and best features to pull users into your website.

  • Social login.
  • Secured personal media(Audio & Video) sharing between users.
  • Easy option to delete chat history/unfriend option.
  • Emoji through keyboard and auto spell-check.
  • Instant live chat with images.
  • Unlimited likes.
  • Easy control over profile for users.

These are main and very requisite feature you need in your clone script for online dating business.

Clone app from Appkodes

Appkodes has a readily available solution for your ideas of online dating business. Howzu- a Tinder clone app by Appkodes helps you to live your dreams of successful online dating business.  Which has all the above-mentioned features to support your online business? Howzu is an open source app so it can be endlessly customized to inlay all your own ideas in it, which you prefer for your business. Howzu app is readily available on platforms(web, native ios, and android) for your better reach.

Howzu helps you to generate revenue from

  • Google Adsense: Revenue from users promoting their products in the Ad banners of your app.
  • Premium subscriptions: Revenue by making your users subscribe to a premium account. There you can provide them with some unlimited options to avail.